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Who we are

We partner with publishers, production companies, top sports federations, premier sports clubs, global IT companies and e-commerce platforms. 
We provide our clients with customised solutions for their requirements.

What do we do differently

 We define and see ourselves as a service provider who likes to serve and sees this service as something special.
We don't want to be measured with words or phrases, but with our service.
We also want to positively infect you with our conviction, not with a lot of text, but with very many individual solutions. 

Our goal is to harmonise your expectations and requirements with our service concept and to always achieve the optimum in our partnership.What do we do differently


Media for accreditation systems (RFID, machine readable and visual).

For almost a decade, Kaaya solutions have been successfully used with 100% reliability by the European Football Association for the most important events.

The integrated RFID technology in combination with the possibility to print personalised badges in up to A4 size on site combine the highest possible requirement for security (electronic digital control) with the human factor (visual control with the greatest flexibility of use).

The technical design of the RFID composite card allows the use of selected standard printers for on-site personalisation.

The accreditation technology is also used for the area of contact tracking in everyday life under pandemic conditions.

Attendee registrations for events of all sizes and types are another popular application of our solutions.

You benefit from a composite material that can be fed into the given recycling cycles.

Lanyards, pouches etc. are also part of portfolio.